Sunday, November 15, 2009

my first video clips...

First and foremost – my voice sounds AWFUL when it’s recorded! Eek... :O

Ok, I’ll stop being a princess for a moment to discuss my first video clips. You’ll see that I still have to sort out camera placement – the angle looks a little low for my liking... and I have yet to master the editing process, that’s for sure!

This’ll get better with time! “Long Way Round/Down” this ain’t!
More like “Long Way Learning”... ;)

I won’t go into too much detail about these first offerings – you can hear/see for yourself...

I’ve kept the clips short – my first vid went for 18 minutes and was way too big to post here! From that experience, I discovered that the amount of “prattling on” I do is incredible. I’m starting to wonder if I should storyboard my narrative before I venture out to film the next one. Would that kill the spontaneity? Or would it make the narrative and commentary far more interesting? Hmmm...

Have a peek, see what you think...
I welcome any and all feedback! I want to make this a blog that will be visited often! Sign up and be a “follower”! That way, you won’t miss any of my precious video moments! LOL

Yes, I am currently in The Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne, Australia, but that will change! I hope to be adding videos from other parts of Australia, then, other parts of the world! Be patient with me... I need to sort out the learning curve before I head off to another country!

So, any tips, feedback, criticism, laughter you could provide me with, post it here... or, email me, phone me, SMS me, pigeon me! I want to know! I can take it... I won’t break!

Stay tuned... I hope to be riding around Tassie early in the new year... but, I’m sure that more vids will be added earlier than that... perhaps another longer ride will be imminent in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing your thoughts... :)

Ewan McGregor I am not!

Testing out angles and head movements with the helmet cam...

A plea for tips on handling tight curves...

Give me my NOD damnit!


  1. Clever Idea with the video discussion, I liked it. First post had some great photos as well. By the way, great looking motorcycle. I enjoyed the read. Thanks for the post!!

  2. Enjoyed this last video in particular - look forward to more!
    Ps I promise to nod! :-)

  3. Great videos and I liked the commentary too :)

    I think the angle of the camera could be raised slightly just to give the viewer a better idea of the road ahead. I'll also be sure to return the wave if I see you out and about :)

  4. Hi, re: taking the corners faster. One of the techniques that I've learnt is look as far through the corner as possible, keep your eyes up. Say this to yourself as you go through the corners (however you'll still need to drop your eyes down to scan the road for debris, especially on corners). Doing this, the corners will seem less sharp and you will lean more naturally. I know it's not easy but you will have to lean. It looks like a cruiser you are riding so leaning will be more of a problem than a normal bike. Maybe practice in a large car park, swerving, going around in tight circles etc. If you remember to keep your eyes up you'll be amazed how easy it is to do. Once you know what you and the bike are capable of you will be more confident.

  5. love the camera. agree that it needs to be tilted up a bit more. love the commentary - keeps it very real.


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