Wednesday, January 6, 2010

plans for this sunday...

Thanks to recently completing a book by Lois Pryce, I am definitely feeling restless. Although I am scared to death about my impending trek across the Southern states in late March, I am also impatiently anticipating the adventure I will, no doubt, encounter. Short trips around the suburbs of Melbourne (no matter how pretty or interesting) are no longer exciting me. I long to experience more of the exhilaration I felt whilst riding from Bright to Lakes Entrance in November.

I can only liken my emotions to that of a serial killer’s… fervently reliving the moment in his head over and over until he can venture out and kill once more. Some of you may think me morbid, even gruesome, for using that analogy, but I can think of no other at the time of writing this.

I look at the pictures I took on that trip, remembering the beautiful sights and scenery I encountered, the smells and aromas I breathed in… I feel a strong urge to go out and repeat the experience, but seeking variety, rather than improving upon the next route… just as a serial murderer would try to perfect the next kill.

That being said, fellow motorcyclists reading this right now might understand why I could strongly connect with the following paragraph in the aforementioned book:

“My bike and I were becoming nicely moulded to each other by now, fusing into one, like some mythical creature - half woman, half motorcycle. Riding felt more normal than not riding, and each morning, as I swung my leg over the saddle, fired up the engine and shifted into first gear, off on another adventure, never knowing what would happen that day, I was greeted with the gratifying sensation that there was nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing. Any uncertainties or qualms that may have taken root during the night would be left in the dust with the onset of motion, as the simple act of moving along became my only reality.”

Due to my inability to take off and ride for as long as I’d like to at present, I take comfort in the fact that I will, at least, be able to experience day trips around the state. So, since the weather threatens to be unrelentingly favourable this week, I have decided to consult Google Maps. Despite lacking the “map assistance” I grew accustomed to of late, I have managed to come up with a route on my own to try out this Sunday:

Olinda -> Daylesford -> Castlemaine -> Golden Point -> Malmsbury -> Kyneton -> Woodend -> Mount Macedon -> Lancefield -> Romsey -> Riddells Creek -> Gisborne -> Sunbury -> Bulla -> Yallambie -> Warrandyte -> Ringwood -> Olinda

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I’ve only been to Daylesford once before - but it remains in my memory as a place that would be good to revisit. I know that I will be enjoying it far more this time around, as I was previously accompanied by someone who complained about everything that wasn’t to his liking.

As for the rest of the planned route, I’ve never been to any of those places before. I’ve always wanted to see Mount Macedon… and Riddells Creek - the name, alone, intrigues me. Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to solve a few whilst I’m there? (Excuse the bad pun, if you please.)

And Woodend… someone once told me that they could think of no better place for me to live. This person thought that I would be as happy as a clam, fitting right in to the community there if I ever chose to follow her advice. I’ve been curious about it ever since - I know a second-hand bookstore owner that resides in Woodend and a thespian/teacher I took acting lessons from lives there too. Maybe the suggestion wasn’t so far-fetched?

Time will tell… I shall go anon…


  1. You'll pass by one of my favourite roads! If you get the chance next time, at Lancefield head north a km or two, then turn left on the Burke and Wills Track (sealed road) to Mia Mia - it's damn nice! And heading west from there involves a playground of back roads.

    Keep your eyes peeled for gold...and bushrangers.

  2. Thanks, Matt! I'll be sure and take your advice this Sunday... your suggestion sounds marvellous! :D


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