Tuesday, March 9, 2010

helping a kindred spirit...

I was driving my car through the Ranges on Sunday.

Yes, I'm still driving! My bike is not ready yet, and I'm raring to go! *sob*

On my way down the mountain, I came across a Learner rider, pushing his sportie by the side of the road. A Kawasaki Ninja? I didn't pay it that much attention.

I remember doing that... pushing my bike because I ran out of petrol once when I was a learner. I hated it... too much work - I'm a lazy git.

So, feeling sorry for this Learner rider, I pulled over.

I called out to him: "Hey, are you ok? Need some help?"
He looked around, to make sure I was actually talking to him.

I know what he was thinking... A car driver? Asking him if he needed help?

What the...?

He looked sheepish... and I could see that he wasn't sure about wanting to accept my offer or not, so I asked him another question before he had time to refuse:

"Just wondering... does that thing have a reserve of fuel? Have you tried that?
I'm a cruiser chic, I'm afraid I'm not good with sporties..."

His face lit up when I said that. He told me that he wasn't sure what the problem was, he thought he had run out of petrol and was wheeling it down to the nearest station. Did I know where one was?

I told him that nearest station was in Tremont - this poor guy was pushing his bike in Ferny Creek. I informed this guy that the petrol station was close by car, but wheeling it might take much longer... Funnily enough, the road wasn't always a down-hill trek - popping the bike into neutral and rolling it wouldn't help him the whole way.

I said: "How about parking that there? I can drive you down to the station. Got a jerry can handy?" (I already knew the answer to that inane question. D'uh...)

"Nope..." he said sadly.

"No worries, I think I have one in the boot you can use. Want a ride in my cage? It's not a bike, but what a stereo it has!" (insert cheesey grin here)

"Oh yes! Thanks so much! Sure it's not too much trouble?"

"No problemo... Happy to help..."

So, he parks his bike (whatever it was) and hops in my car.

It should be noted, at this point, that I was quite impressed when he took his helmet off to get into my car. Mmmm...yummy eye candy! But that's another story... :)

I told him to chuck his gear in the back seat and hop in.

He turned out to be a really nice fellow.

Of course, it goes without saying...

The first question he asked me was what I rode. I told him...

Then, he asked me why I wasn't riding that day.

I explained to him that I had a little tumble in January and was waiting for the bike to be returned to its rightful owner, who happened to be chomping at the bit to have her back.

He laughed and completely understood my frustration.

He explained to me that he was almost due to go for his full licence. He started asking me about my experiences of the test, etc.

Typical biker conversation ensued...

It was nice - I haven't had one of those conversations in a while.

Plus, it's also nice to talk with someone about this particular passion of mine. It seems as though all I've been talking about lately are my problems with property, work and health issues. The conversation holiday was welcomed with open arms.

So, this kindred spirit reminded me of my imminent freedom - in getting my bike back AND changing my living arrangements. It was a lovely opportunity to have a few bikie jokes, share stories and common experiences on two wheels... I may have even made a new friend.

Time will tell... :)


To other news...

My bike... the quote for repairs was JUST sent to my insurer on the 3rd of March, 2010!

I had my accident on the 30th of January!


An assessor will be visiting Suzuki this Friday to sign off on the repairs needed and THEN I will have to wait a further 3 weeks to get the fucking thing fixed and blackened!

It's probably a good thing I'm broke these days... If not, I'd be RUNNING to buy a second bike right now!

Motherf*ckers... *sweet smile*

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